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If you are in a “Fight/Flight” Stage….

When we have been in fight/flight or free too long, it can impact how we view ourselves, others and the world

Our internal alarm system or autonomic nervous system becomes sensitive to danger cues. In other words, it can become hypervigilant to threats. We may become triggered (without really understanding why), as our system is sensing a threat of some kind. It can result in a big reaction, emotional flooding or shutting down

Until we get to the root of the dysregulation, we often continue in these patterns of triggered responses. It takes a lot of hard work to uncover, soothe and heal; however, it is very possible.

Are you or your loved ones coping with Anxiety or Panic Disorders?

Everything is not always as it seems. Please check in on the ones you love. ⁣

Vikas Bajaj

Counseling Psychologist

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