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Half of the life is lost in charming others.The other half is lost in going through anxieties caused by others.

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My name is Vikas Bajaj and I am Counseling Psychologist. I am Certified Counselling Practitioner from the Academy of Modern Applied Psychology. Holds Certifications in Cognitive Behavior Life Coach, Depression Breakthrough (How to End The Lifecycle of Depression), and a Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner.

In my private practice, I am passionate about helping you answer important questions such as “Who am I?” “Why I am here?” and “How do I find meaning in my life?”

If you are here right now, you may feel like you “lost yourself” in your relationship. May be you are facing the difficult time of understanding who you are following a significant trauma, identity crisis, suffering from anxiety, depression, low self-esteem or a difficult job.

Grappling with our identity and purpose in life can be difficult and finding help can feel overwhelming.

If you are reading this, the chances are that you spend much of your time feeling like the walking dead, not fully conscious, vibrant, or free. This state of existence is so common that, at this point, I would be as bold as to say that self-loss has become part of the human condition.

It is not pathological, it is not a diagnosis (although it can be comorbid with other mental health struggles. It is something many of us face and it is the obstacle that stands in the way of authenticity, fulfillment, and meaningful connection with others.

Gentle Reminder

It’s never too late to be you.

Hard Truth

A meaningful life begins when you decide your life is worth living.

Vikas Bajaj

Counseling Psychologist

Our Vision

To create a world where every individual has access to high-quality mental health care and the tools necessary to thrive in their personal and professional lives.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide evidence-based therapy and counseling services that are affordable, accessible, and personalized to each client’s unique needs. We strive to create a safe and supportive environment where our clients can heal, grow, and achieve their goals.
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The Trust We've Earned

16:13 27 Nov 23
Dr. Vikas Bajaj has come as a blessing in our life. It is all because of his guidance and counselling that we were able to come out of something that was nothing less than a nightmare for us. I am so grateful to him for helping us in every way possible. Truly one of the best counseling psychologist in town
Kunal JainKunal Jain
16:55 03 Nov 23
Dr. Vikas is a very professional, understanding, and is able to get to the root cause easily.He takes unique case to case approach, rather than following a similar approach with all.You will need to follow up more than once for the appointment, but once you get a slot, it is worth it.
Mamta TalrejaMamta Talreja
11:12 20 Oct 23
Nice experience with sir Heis very calm and listen to the behavioral issues with calmly My sin enjoyed taking sessions with him
Jyoti GhaiJyoti Ghai
14:19 17 Oct 23
Dr. Vikas gave session to my Dad and it was really useful. Every time he gets a session with Dr. he feels really recovered.Thanks Doc
manish gabamanish gaba
14:12 17 Oct 23
Vikas has a very good vibes and he has potential to guide you in the right direction i went him for my younger brother , and he help us.Thanks sir for your support.
Sarthak MinglaniSarthak Minglani
07:16 05 Sep 23
Dr Vikas is a very nice and humble person.Also, the clinic is very well maintained.Thank you sir for your support again!